Best Flood Cleaning Techniques in 2023

flood cleaningFlood Cleaning Techniques are most important to reduce your flood water damage. Flood in the home or office are no laughing matter – they can damage your home or business, destroy your electrical equipment such as computers, servers, televisions, and any other gear that might be plugged in, and of course, cause all kinds of water damage in the building they happen in. You don’t want to have to worry about this kind of problem, but we can never predict the future, and being ready is always preferable to not having a plan at all. 

If you end up ever having to deal with flooding going on in your home or place of business, whether it is a result of a leak in the building or terrible weather affecting your local area, know that there are things you can do to address the situation safely if it happens to you. Knowing how to deal with a flooding i.e. flood cleaning techniques in any situation not only effectively – but safely – can be a boon for home and business owners all over.

Caution – Always Remember to Keep Your Safety First!


As in all situations where you might be working on something that could pose some kind of hazard, make sure you keep your safety and that of anyone who might be working with you as your first priority. While it might be tempting to start cleaning up right away, you want to make sure you’ve taken some precautions against potential hazards when it comes to flooding: 

  • Always make sure that any sources of electricity are disconnected by turning those circuits off at the breaker box. 
  • The water in your home might have sewage and a host of other contaminants contained within – certainly not something for you and those working with you to be exposed to unprotected.
  • Your home or office might not be able to be used during the cleaning process – this is something else to keep in mind if you end up needing to find other quarters for temporary living or work.

With some of these safety tips in mind, here are some other pieces of helpful information for you to follow as you go about your flood cleanup – follow them, and everyone will have a much simpler time of it, having some key information for getting the job done right.


Make sure that you shut off the gas and power

When you are about to be working on cleaning out a wet area, especially if it is a larger space with plenty of electrical outlets, you are going to want to make sure you have shut off the gas and electricity before you even think about entering the home or business office. 

Water and electricity don’t mix well together, so to make sure you are going about this process in the safest way possible, you want to ensure everything is shut off before you go into the building. To keep extra safe when it comes to dealing with the electrical side of things, make sure you wear rubber boots when walking around water in the building in order to avoid potential electrical shock if there are any live wires left around.

Know what to do for insurance claims :


If you are thinking about seeking insurance claims for any of the flooding damage you have endured, you will want to make sure you follow some of these helpful tips, which should come in handy for making sure you have something to present to your insurance company: 

  • Make sure you take photos or videos of the damage. When it comes to dealing with flooding damage for insurance claims, one of the best things you can do is document the damage! Make sure to take plenty of photos or videos if necessary before you let anyone begin cleaning up. 
  • Record your expenses. Make sure you are keeping track of your expenses so you can show what you have done to deal with the damages if you are seeking reimbursement from the insurance company.
  • Be aware of other requirements. Depending on the insurance company you are going through, make sure you get in touch with them, let them know the situation you are facing, and any assistance you may need on their side. This will help you ensure there aren’t any further requirements you will need to take on your end to get the proper help you are looking for from your insurance company.


Get properly cleaned up. 


One of the main things you should be taking care to do if you get in a situation where you are needing to dry out a room of flooding, knowing how to properly clean it up (if you are planning on going about it without any help from professional floor cleaners) will be a big help to you and anyone who you might have helping you out.

Here are some of the main tips you should keep in mind when it comes to cleaning a room which has been affected with a good deal of flood cleaning techniques : 

  1. Take care to remove any standing water. Using water buckets or pumps, your plan should always begin by getting rid of standing water that might be left in the area. When you’re done removing any standing water in the area, make sure you follow it up with a wet vac to make sure everything is dried up and good to go. 
  2. Get rid of soaked materials. If you find anything that has been soaked through, make sure you put it carefully into a plastic bag and haul it outside and place it off to the side. Depending on regulations in your area, you might have to tag it if it has been contaminated with something like sewer water. 
  3. Remove any mud before it has time to dry. If there is any mud in the area, use a shovel to get it out before it has time to dry in the area. You will be thankful you did this later when you have less dirt to clean as a result. 
  4. Dry and clean your walls thoroughly. Walls can face damage from the inside, so it is important to make sure you do what you can to ensure your walls are thoroughly dried after flooding. One good place to start is by making sure the interior framing of your walls are dried as thoroughly as you can accomplish.
  5. The floors are up next! After you have finished checking on the walls, make sure you aren’t ignoring your floors. Although you have probably done a good deal to help the floor to make sure there is no standing water, make sure you scout the flooring area out as decent as you can to ensure there is nothing left behind.
  6. Are your other surfaces nice and dry? Finally, make sure you double check on any other potential surfaces in the affected area that has been dealing with flooding. With any luck, you won’t have to deal with anything else, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to make sure your other surfaces aren’t in need of a thorough drying.

Call ProTech Restoration to be your disaster recovery team for flood cleaning

If you are facing some of the issues described above, but just don’t have the time to try to take care of them on your own, don’t be afraid to get in touch with your disaster recovery team here at ProTech Restoration when you have flood cleaning in your area. Our professional flood cleaning services by flood cleanup team will be able to look at the damage to your home or office and come up with a plan of action to deal with it without you ever even having to lift a finger. 

Even if you plan on going about it yourself, you are at least equipped to deal with it a little easier. With some of the handy information above fresh in your mind, you are a little better armed with the information you are going to need to deal with flooding in your home or office – and by the time you’re done, you will be so glad you called us here at ProTech Restoration, the best flood cleaning and water damage restoration company in Chicago!

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