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ByoPlanet Disinfection

ProTech Water Damage at your door in 90 minutes or less in most cases!

ByoPlanet is an exclusive sanitization system that is revolutionary to the restoration industry. ByoPlanet widely outperformed conventional sanitization application methods because of its technology, which covers more area, eliminates odors, eliminates cross contamination, and is chemically neutral. Major cruise lines, hospitals and airlines have already adapted this technology into their sanitization procedures and ProTech Water Damage is bringing it to their residential and commercial customers.

Considered to be the world’s safest, most efficient way to disinfect and deodorize, ByoPlanet will allow for TOTAL and UNIFORM surface coverage for your home or commercial space to any surface without the threat of cross contamination. Its delivery system is based upon advanced induction charging which produces small electrically charged droplets that seek germ infested areas providing 100% coverage, killing the harshest germs in the hardest of places, for complete protection. ProTech Water Damage is proud to be a partner with ByoPlanet to provide customers with the most effective disinfectant equipment and method available to help our residential and commercial property owners improve surface and air quality in a safe manner.